Are you OK? “If you see this display,You can’t eat right away”at Japanese convenience store.

Hi,how are you?

My name is dokujoA(meaning single(独) woman(女),and my initial “A”),from Tokyo Japan.


Do you like convenience store in japan?

I often see,many travelers shopping at convenience stores near my house.

And they sometimes ask me,”What is this?”

For those who do not use Japanese,it it natural that they do not understand I think.

I also have poor English Chinese skills and I often say,”What is this?”when traveling abroad.

This time,I would like to explain  using my favorite thing I bought at a representative convenience store”Seven-Eleven”in Japan.


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“If you see this display,You can’t eat right away”

Look at this!

✅要冷蔵(Youreizou)=When you not eating immediately,always keep in the refrigerator.

✅必ず温めてお召し上がりください。(Kanarazu atatamete kara omesiagarikudasai)=Be sure to heat it i the microwave before eating.

This display is sometimes written on noodles,lunch boxes,desserts,etc.

Ramen・Yakisoba(stir-fried noodles with vegetables and meat)・Bento(grilled salmon)

If you want to eat immediately

If you ask the clear at the time of accounting,you can have it heated in the in-store microwave for free.

There are many foreign clerks in Japan,but if the clerk in charge of you is Japanese.

“Atatamete kudasai”=Please warm in the microwave.

If you eat at your hotel or your accommodation

Look at this!

✅電子レンジ加熱の目安(Denshirengi de kanetu no meyasu)=Approximate for microwave heating.

✅500W 1分30秒=1 minute and 30 seconds for 500W

✅1500W 30秒=30 seconds for 1500W

Most accommodations in Japan have microwaves,so if you can’t find them,ask the staff.

“dennshirenngi wo tukaitai”=I want use a microwave.


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“What is the food in the photo ?”

Have you ever seen or eat?

This is a Japanese traditional sweet called”Oshiruko(Zenzai)

The cup contains sweetly boiled red beans and mochi(rice cakes),and the calories are about 300kcal.

It may feel strange to those who don’t eat red beans,but for me who love red beans,I like them as much as Chinese moon cakes.


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This is important!

I was careless,I will talk about the meal deadline.

消費期限(Shohi kigen)=Expiration date of food that can be eaten safely.

賞味期限(Shomi kigen)=Expiration date of food that can be eaten deliciously.


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That’s all!

How was it?

If you know the food that needs a microwave,you can enjoy a more affordable and freedom meal than a restaurant.

I wish you a better trip in Japan.


Thanks for reading my blog!

See you later!



はじめまして^ ^